Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Govt. of India postponed the sticker pictorial warnings on tobacco products

The Government of India has already signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, India (FCTC) and a recent study shows that it is lagging behind the Pakistan in implementing the tobacco free act in the countary. India got 100th rank out of 175 countries signed the document. Small and developing countries like Pakistan,Bangladesh, Brazil and Canda has more stroonger health warnings on the tobacco products than India. The Indian governemnt is working under the guidance of tobacco industrices and accepted a lighter X-Ray lung picture which is some time has been understand as butterfly or two persons talking by a lay man. An independent study was conducted by the NGOs VHAI working against tobacco in India in 2009 and has suggested more sticker pictorial health warnings for all tobacco products. The cancer stricken mouth has to be implemented across all over India but the govt. has draws its steps back under the pressure from tobacco industries.,
The decision has been delayed for another one year which not acceptable to any persons working against tobacco and for better health of common people "Aam Adami" on whose name the govt. has got the power to rule over them. The Toabcco Free Himachal unit of HPVHA strongly opposed the decision and appeal "Aam Adami" to join the campaign against the tobacco industries and their puppets in govt.

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