Monday, October 18, 2010

CM Prof. Prem Kuamr Dhumal, accepted HPVHA's demand to impose more taxes on tobacco products

Himachal Pradesh is doing good in tobacco control and state governemtn have imposed many taxes on tobacco. The state governemnt have already increased VAT on tobacco taxes from 12.5% to 13.75% and have imposed 7% entry tax on all tobacco products. Another Rs. 2/KG up to 250KM on carrying toabcco products in state and Rs. 4/KG for more than 250 KM as road tax on all tobacco products. As the state is only importer of tobacco products and state governemnt is comitted to make the state as tobacco free in India. The Chief Minsiter, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal has accepted the importance of tax on tobacco products and he elabotated that the state govt. is taking steps to decrease demand for tobacco products and control new users. He elaborated this in the meeting with HPVHA delagation who met on 12th October. The delegation demand more taxes on bidi which is lowest 5% in India as compare to another state. The delegation demanded to increase the VAT on bidi to 13.75% and demand for the uniformity in the VAT on tobacco taxes. The Chief Minsiter appreciated the demand from HPVHA and agreed to consider it in next cabinet meeting.

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