Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smoke Free sign boards

Department of Health & Family welfare ha printed the No Smoking Signages for all departments throughout the state and the campaign of distribution of these signages has been started. Himachal Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (HPVHA) is distributing these signages in Shimla city. The people in the city are accepting the signages only some are not accepting it. Every educational institutions have to put the signages on the boundary walls "The Sale of any kind of Tobacco Product is prohibited within the 100 yards of this educational institution. The restaurant and bar owners have to put the "Smoking Here is and offence" and they have to nominate one person to implement the COTPA, 2003 in their premises. They are all authorized to stop smoking in their own premises. We need all support from each and every citizen of Shimla city to make it a Smoke Free City under COTPA,2003 and get an opportunity to be proud by making it.

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